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practice management consulting

Running a medical practice consumes lots of time and energy. Managing cash flow, maintaining daily accounting, and staying in compliance with government regulations often takes more time than busy doctors have to give. At Virjee Consulting, PLLC we offer the guidance and support you need to keep your practice running smoothly. We specialize in healthcare consulting services and practice management for doctors in the Houston area.

When you become our client, we'll conduct a comprehensive review of your practice to identify where operational improvements are needed. Then, we show you how to implement changes that will simplify accounting procedures and save you valuable time. We carefully organize your recordkeeping system, improve internal controls, and eliminate unnecessary expenses. The result is that your operations will become more efficient, paving the way for new business growth. We're also equipped to assist you with practice transition services such as mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning.

Call us at 713-396-3172 today to find out what we can do for your medical practice. We offer a free initial consultation to doctors and physicians so contact us now.

Medical practice management services include:

Our medical practice transition services including: