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New Practice Consultation

Houston new practice consultation

Opening a practice is the dream of many doctors and physicians. To make that dream a reality, a new medical practice needs a written plan, accurate accounting systems, effective tax planning, and reliable financial guidance from a true professional. Get all the support and advice you need form Virjee Consulting, PLLC. We specialize in helping doctors start successful medical practices in the Houston area.

Our approach extends beyond the role of traditional business advisor to be with you every step of the way as you launch your new enterprise. We’ll help you obtain financing, put your accounting processes in place, and direct you toward the most tax-efficient way to structure your practice. We’ll also draft a complete tax strategy that embraces profitability and will revise that plan as your practice grows.

Make sure you’re prepared to start your new medical practice out on the right foot. Call us at 713-396-3172 now or request a consultation through our website. Our goal is to become your financial partner for the life of your business, so we invite you to reach out to us anytime with questions that impact you finances. We’ll patiently discuss your concerns and will always direct you down the right path.

Medical practice start-up services include: